individualized support

We provide a variety of services that can meet your consulting needs on a case-by-case basis.  Whether you need a one time workshop or a series of coaching sessions, we will work with you to figure out your specific needs.


Workshops are designed in collaboration with clients to address specific goals.  We use a variety of interactive and reflective strategies to deepen learning for adults.  Workshops can be presented on an individual basis or a series, depending on the client's needs.

Workshops include (but not limited to): Child Development, Parent Engagement, Racial Identity Development, Mindfulness, Curriculum Development, Culturally Responsive Practice, Urban Education, Educational Policy, Nonprofit Management, Leadership Development, and more.


Early education professionals at all levels find coaching to be instrumental in their development.  Our consultants use strengths- and practice-based approaches to coaching.  Reflecting with the guidance of a skilled coach can support teachers, administrators, and policy makers to improve practices and strengthen institutions.