About ella


Ella Williams, MS Ed, Consultant

Ella has been working with children from birth to eight years old and their families since 2001. Currently, she is a second grade teacher and educational consultant. Ella is considered an international leader who incorporates mindful practices in her work. Her interests include the connections and interplay in technology, pedagogy, curriculum, and the process changes necessary to shift the focus from teaching to learning. Through hands-on, learning-centered and on-the-job experience, Ella lays solid foundations for innovative perceptions towards young learners and their families to contribute to a complicated and emboldened future for an ever-evolving world.


  • Coaching to teachers and leaders
  • Workshops for teachers, families and students 
  • Yoga and mindfulness in the classroom, workplace, and home
  • Childbirth education
  • Education from a U. S. national and global perspective 
  • Development of developmentally appropriate standards and local vision